Kickin' It

We had a shoot last month with the excellent Will Koeppen (found on Instagram @beyondcrowds). This pretty much speaks for itself...

End of September update

Duke Russell drew this at our Writer's Block show this week! Thanks Duke!

We've been spending lots of quality time at Wattage Studios these last couple of weeks -- we've got a few more songs to mix and…

Good times in Spenard

Thanks to everybody who came out to our house concert last night! Still warm enough to hang outside, even after sundown! Lots of fun to preview some album tunes for y'all. Photo by Mark Ward.


Back in the studio with Chad yesterday to listen to a few tracks. No better way to start a Saturday!

Everybody loves a horn

Craig and Mark were hard at work last month laying down a trombone track. Any guesses as to what song it was?

Turtles all the way down

We are crunching away on our first album this summer! In the meantime, here's a shot from some of our video recordings this spring. TCK is a pet-friendly band.