THANK YOU, thank you to everyone who came out Saturday night for our awesome album release party! What an amazing night!! Thank you to the fabulous musicians who played with us -- Cameron Cartland, Lance Howard, Chad Reynvaan, Jared Woods, Craig Tuten, Sarah Schoen, Jenny Baker and Mark Ward -- and to everybody for coming out, getting down on the dance floor, buying CDs, and all the rest! We're so thrilled and we loved celebrating with you all. Thank you to all the great folks who played on the album and came out to get down especially Charlie Earnshaw and Eric Kross and the string quartet that is Jamie Byers, Katie Wasko-Klink, Kirsten Williams, and Kyle Lindsay :) And of course thank you to the epic Will Koeppen and Wattage Studio. 

Thank you again to everybody and to La Potato for being such great hosts. Photo cred for this cool shoot is Charlie Earnshaw and we'll share more photos soon!

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